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Who Cares About the Grammy’s

February 6, 2009

Good God. Who cares about the Grammy Awards? I love Radiohead, but what the hell are they doing on the Grammy’s? The show has become as boring and irrelevant as the MTV VMA Awards. Who is this awards show for? Who’s watching at this point? Gee, let’s get together and celebrate one disposable song after another that has been manufactured by the record companies to try to justify their existance. How can anyone have respect for a show that celebrates the  Jonas Brothers and Miley Cirus as recording artists? Hello, they all suck and are meaningless.

The best thing about this years show are the ads  developed by TBWA\Chiat\Day, which are said to be part of the biggest campaign in the Recording Academy’s history, according to Billboard. The promotion, dubbed “music makes us,” is coming one year after the Grammys suffered their lowest ratings since 1992. More recently, a prime-time Grammy special announcing this year’s nominations didn’t fare too well in the ratings, finishing in fourth place for its time slot.

Can’t we just go back to celebrating the artists rather than the music industry shareholders.